The Four Clocks Heritage Project is a collaborative venture, between Bishop Auckland’s Four Clocks Centre and the Auckland Railways Group. The aim of the venture is to promote the town’s heritage links, with a particular focus on its industrial past. Consistent with its aim it is intended to establish a permanent exhibition within the Centre, comprising appropriate artwork, information boards, photographic displays and an array of exhibits supplemented by comprehensive on-line accessibility. A central feature of the exhibition will be the display of the century old banner of the Bishop Auckland Branch of the National Union of Railwaymen. This evocative 10 ft by 9 ft oil painted double sided silk standard is one of only three railway banners still known to exist.

123-3B 63433 BISHOP AUCKLAND copy

Q6 passing through Bishop Auckland in 1955, photograph courtesy of the Armstrong Trust.


Bishop Auckland Station Branch Banner of the National Union of Railwaymen showing both sides.


Information board detailing Bishop Auckland Station from the Second World War.

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